It´s not about the destination it´s about the journey

Good morning folks.

It´s super early as I´m writing this. We are sitting at Helsinki – Vantaa airport with my girlfriend, drinking coffee and guessing where all the other passengers are headed. The terminal is packed and people are passing us from left and right. Each and everyone with their own different places to travel to. This gave me the idea to talk about destinations and goals.

As with any goal, your journey and who you travel with can be more important than your final destination. En route one shapes their goals, they change, or end up being entirely different. For example about a year ago me and my girlfriend were shooting feel good travel pics and films just for fun. Now a year later we´ve travelled the world whilst creating film & photo campaigns for big international companies. Last job with Four Seasons Hotels took us all the way to the Caribbean were we got to experience their beautiful way of life. I wonder where we might be in a year from now?

I honestly don’t believe there is something called ”a final destination” –  and it doesn’t matter. As long as you are happy, having fun and enjoying what you are doing while spending your time with people you love. That matters.

Ok they just opened our gate, gotta run. Next stop Four Seasons Paris.

Au Revoir! 🙂
– Joey